With a stunning  historical and cultural gems, captivating Mediterranean beaches and nature, rolling mountains  and seafood,  cheap holidays to South of France offer something for everyone. Thanks to its charming natural landscapes and sceneries, miles of gorgeous sands, and delicious foods, the French Reviera  is the perfect destination for all travelers and tourists, whether they are looking for a cheap or an expensive holiday.

Join us in this article to uncover more secrets and find out how to spend a memorable and extraordinary cheap holiday in this wonderful and well-loved land.

South of France – Cheap or expensive ?

As the number one destination for tourists in the world, France and specifically its southern region is really expensive. 

What makes it high-priced is not only the huge number of tourists that flood to the region, but also its citizens especially during summer.

But the question now is: can people with limited budget spend their holiday here with little money they have?

The answer is yes! South of France is not only for wealthy and rich people to enjoy. Even travelers and tourists with small budgets can spend a memorable holiday here.

That is, of course, if you know how to plan your holiday- where to go, where to stay, where to eat, where to relax, etc. Or by choosing a travel agency, such as Holidays Points, that is specialized in organizing cheap holidays to South of France.

Cheapest way to enjoy your holiday in south of France

Cheap Holidays to South of France - Tarn

Either you travel alone or use a travel operator.

If you are an experienced traveler and you decided to travel alone, then your holiday will certainly become a remarkable one. Yet, if you are new and it is your first time in South of France, your holiday might become the worst ever.

So, what other options you have?

A travel operator, like Holidays Points, is your best choice. Travel operators have a bit of everything. They know everything about the country and its regions- best places to visit and worst places to avoid.

They will make your journey smooth and easy, especially if your holiday is short and your budget is limited. In brief, they are experts in arranging holidays such as cheap holidays to South of France.

So, how will Holidays points, make the most of your vacation?

The first thing we take into consideration is your safety. Our people will always be with you, guiding you and offering advice. They are experienced and know how to deal with different situations. Your safety is their top priority.

Second, transfers. You do not have to worry about transportation. We provide you with top-notch, comfortable and safe cars. Holidays Points’ guide/driver will be waiting you at the airport and will take you to all the agreed destinations, and any other places you want to visit.

Third, accommodation. Finding a cheap hotel in South of France is not an easy matter, especially in high season. Thus, our service come to hand here, we will help you find and book the cheapest accommodations.

Fourth, tours. Our operator offers you a wide range of holiday tours not only to the South of France, but to all France as well. We will take you to sight-see the top attractions and must-sees in the region.

Cheapest time of year to go for a holiday in South of France

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The time you decide to go on a trip to the South of France makes a big difference. As you are looking for a cheap holiday, try to avoid the high season, particularly August, as much as you can. Traveling at this time of the year to France in general and South of France in particular means spending a lot of money. No matter where you go, everything will be pricey, from airfares to food.

Hence, the off-season is the right choice for cheap holidays to South of France, particularly January and February.

Remember that every season has its own special pleasures that can not be found in other seasons. Therefore, it does not have to be July or August to enjoy the French Riviera.

For example, if you decide to travel in January or December, you will get to enjoy skiing in La Belle Etoile, and the French Christmas markets.

The only drawback of travelling in off-season is the fewer tours that can be found, and some cafés, shops and restaurants might be closed in touristic cities. However, some other things like accommodations and food become cheap.

You can also travel to the South of France in autumn or spring. You might strike cheap deals as the vast majority of tourists are going back home or still did not start their holidays. Moreover, you will get the chance to interact more with the locals and learn more about their culture and customs.

In addition, you can find cheap flight deals in these seasons. February is considered the perfect time to beat the crowds. Spring and autumn might be cheap if you buy your ticket at an earlier date. And June, July and August are the most costly months.

Cheapest Tours to South of France

Cheap Holidays to South of France - Monaco

As part of its cheap holidays to South of France, Holidays Points offers different tours with different prices. Some tours are cheap, while others are expensive.

However, we are always ready to listen to you and make changes that suit you. Just contact us, and we will definitely make one that fits your budget, desires and expectations.

Our tours cover the entire Frech Reviera, we will take you to discover and visit all the must-sees in the region, such as historical sites, beautiful beaches, and old and medieval villages.

We offer you South of France Itinerary 7 days, and South of France 5 days.

Our guided tours will take you to visit the beautiful Aix-en-provence– the former cultural capital of province, the enchanting city of Saint-Tropez and Cannes and their attractive beaches, the medieval village of Eze, and many other attractions and beautiful cities.

3 days Normandy tours from Paris and 2 days Normandy tours from Paris are other tours you might also like to check.


Cheap holidays to South of France Holidays Points offers you will make your journey a never to be forgotten experience.

The myth of the place being expensive, and can be enjoyed only by wealthy people is reversed with our operator.

We will help you make memorable moments and experience new things with an affordable price.

So, choose your tour now, and tell us about your budget. We will surely organize you the cheapest holiday you are looking for!