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10 days Morocco Itinerary【Ultimate Tour】

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This 10 days Morocco itinerary is designed to help you travel in the exotic land of Morocco. Based on our experience, we think that 10 days is the perfect amount of time to spend in the country. However, if you can afford to add some extra days, you can explore other places or stay longer in some locations that you enjoyed the most.

Why visit Morocco?

Morocco attracts millions of travelers each year, mostly from Europe. And we understand why! Morocco offers a wide range of landscapes and activities that do not leave tourists indifferent: beaches and seaside resorts on the Mediterranean or Atlantic coasts, Atlas mountains or dunes, wadis, and desert oasis, or secret alleys from the medina of the beautiful cities Fez, Tangier, Marrakech, Agadir, Essaouira, or Casablanca. The hospitality of the locals is sometimes even insistent, which you may not like at first sight. But take the time to adapt, and you will leave Morocco with tears in your eyes.

10 Days Morocco Itinerary Destinations

Casablanca, the economic capital of Morocco

The largest city in Morocco. It is dynamic and holds a major part of Morocco’s economic activity.

Casablanca is located at the crossroad of the major cities in the country. The city is modern, but the old center has kept its charm. The Souk and the Central Market are good ways to get away from road traffic.

Inside the city’s fortresses, you find beautiful alleys. On the coast, you cannot miss the Hassan-II Mosque, the third-largest mosque in the world, which is an architectural gem.

Casablanca also holds the main international airport in Morocco. Therefore, the majority of tours start from there. Travelers who come from distant countries often fly to Casablanca. This kind of travelers usually book long term tours like 10 days Morocco itinerary from Casablanca.

Rabat, the 4th imperial city of Morocco

The current capital of Morocco has attractive attractions. Its medina contains many treasures: very quiet compared to other cities in the country, it is made of white houses with blue shutters.

You Access the city through Bab El Had or Bab El Alou gates. Inside, there is the Kasbah of the Oudaïas, which was built in the 12th century, and which has been classified by Unesco since 2012.

In the rest of the city, visit the royal palace Dâr-al-Makhzen, then nearby the Necropolis of Chellah. Far east, the Mausoleum of Mohammed V, and the Hassan Tower are the other jewels of Rabat.

On the leisure and leisure side, the beaches of Skirat and Témara, and further on the beaches of Nations, Medhya-Plage, and Moulay Bousselham are ideal.

Marrakech, the charming city of Morocco

With its major projects of huge hotel complexes, new city, impressive new structures, and mass tourism, Marrakech could have lost its charm. However, it takes much more than that for the pearl of the south to be devoid of any interest.

Check it out starting at Jemaa El Fna square. Then, the Medina, the largest in the Maghreb, holds all the excitement of the city with its colorful souks, which contrast well with the calm of the riads.

Take the time to discover all the places rich in architecture and history: the Bahia Palace, the Ben-Youssef Medersa, the minaret of La Koutoubia, the El-Badi Palace, and finally the Museum of Marrakech.

In the surroundings, do not miss the Majorelle Garden, or the olive grove of La Ménara and the Palmeraie.

Marrakech is located at the foot of the High Atlas which allows the practice of sports such as hiking (in the Ourika Valley or in Imilchil for example), and skiing (in Oukaïmeden in winter).

In our 10 days Morocco itinerary, you will have a full day and two nights to discover Marrakesh.

Fez, the oldest surviving city in the world

Inside its ramparts, there is a medina lost in history! You enter it through the magnificent gate of Bâb Boujloud.

One thing not to miss in this historical city: the tanneries’ souk, where you will take very beautiful photos.

Although visiting is prohibited, you can admire the Quaraouiyine Mosque from the outside. You can also enjoy the narrow and sneaky alleys of the medina. The Medersa Bou-Inania, the Nejjarine Fountain, and the Royal Palace of Fez are other places of great interest.

Also, do not miss the Dar-Batha Museum either. 10 days Morocco itinerary offers the best of the best.

Meknes and Volubilis, two cities not to miss in 10 days Morocco itinerary

Between Fez and Rabat, we find the old imperial city of Meknes. Here, it is impossible to skip the Mausoleum of Moulay Ismaïl and its sublime decorations.

In the North of this city, the Roman vestiges of Volubilis will not leave you indifferent. You will then be in the Middle Atlas region, perfect for hiking and even skiing in winter.

The history of Volubilis perfectly represents the multiple cultural influences of Morocco. The city bears the marks of several civilizations.

Volubilis was founded in the 3rd century BC. It was then the capital of Mauretania. Maurétanie was then the territory of the Berbers. Volubilis was therefore originally a Berber city.

The city developed rapidly when it was controlled by the Romans. At its peak, Volubilis has between 10,000 and 20,000 inhabitants according to historians. The city lived mainly from the olive oil trade. The plains which surround Volubilis also remain covered with olive trees!

The city was abandoned by the Romans towards the end of the 3rd century AD. It was then inhabited by a Christian community. Later, upon the arrival of Islam in Morocco, the city will be Muslim and inhabited until the 11th century.

The city was then abandoned and very well preserved until the 18th century when a big earthquake seriously damaged it.

Today Volubilis remains a major and well-preserved Roman site in Morocco.

Ouarzazate for lovers of Hollywood and Cinema

Long considered by travelers as a stopover city between the imperial cities (Marrakech, Fez, Meknes) and the desert. Ouarzazate is today positioned as a destination in its own right with sumptuous landscapes and a heritage of incredible wealth classified by UNESCO.

At the gates of the desert, it has so much to offer. And thanks to its assets, Ouarzazate has become “the Hollywood of Africa”.

From Lawrence of Arabia to Gladiator, you’ve certainly known Ouarzazate and its surroundings without having been there yet. Desert, arenas, historical buildings, cities surrounded by clay walls, kasbahs, palm groves…

These decors are familiar to you if you have seen Lawrence of Arabia, The Diamond of the Nile, Indigenous, Aladdin, Gladiator, Alexander, Babel or Spy Games. These films and many others were shot near or in the city of Ouarzazate.

The film industry is thriving there. It represents an annual turnover of more than $ 100 million and creates thousands of jobs (artisans, extras, technicians, hoteliers, merchants).

It is impossible that you cannot come across film crews and stars of the big or small screen during your stay.

In addition, the visit of the Cinema Museum and Atlas Studios (30 hectares dedicated to the sets and filming of international productions) will make you evolve in many settings: Tibetan and Egyptian temples, the Roman arenas of Gladiator, the jails of Prison Break, the village of Prince of Persia, the city of Game of Thrones…

In your 10 days Morocco itinerary, there is much to see.

Merzouga Desert, Journey of camels and exoticism

Discovering the desert seems very complicated for many travelers. The truth is NOT!  The Merzouga desert in southern Morocco is easily accessible.

6 hours by 4 × 4 from Fez is enough to reach its magnificent dunes. Local Tuareg families have built small camps in the middle of the dunes to welcome visitors.

The advantage of the Merzouga desert is that it is big enough to have the sensations of being in a big desert, without being excessive and as hostile as the Sahara … much more complicated to explore.

What’s incredible is that can travel from anywhere in the world, and you discover this exotic and amazing place in a very short time.

Obviously we highly recommend some extra days to spend more time in this place. Maybe 12 days.


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  • Wander in the blue-washed city of Chefchaouen
  • Discover the ancient Roman ruins of Volubilis
  • Hang out in the oldest surviving city in the world, Fez
  • Ride camels and camp in the Desert of Merzouga
  • Explore exotic markets and souks of Morocco


Day 1: Arrival day in Casablanca
Day 1: Arrival day in Casablanca

This 10 days Morocco itinerary starts in Casablanca which is the biggest city in Morocco. The Morocco Travel driver will meet you at the Airport and you will have a short tour by the car. You seize the opportunity to visit Hassan II Mosque which is the largest mosque in Africa and features the tallest minaret in the world with 690 feet.

Hassan II Mosque was commissioned by King Hassan II to be the most ambitious structure ever built in Morocco. It was designed by the French architect Michel Pinseau who had lived in Morocco. The building was described by ARTE as the most beautiful religious building in the world.

Hassan II Mosque is the only mosque in Morocco that allows non-muslims to enter. Therefore, you get the chance to visit the Jewel of Moroccan Sacred art from the first day.

In addition, it makes the most of your time. As the itinerary starts in Casablanca and ends in Marrakesh (it can be adaptable if you would like to return back to Casablanca to catch a flight home), it provides a great balance of adventure, history, and culture.

Indeed, what makes this itinerary desirable for most travelers is Casablanca international Airport. The airport is the biggest in Morocco and receives flight from almost all destinations in the world; such a thing that isn’t possible in other Moroccan Airports.

Day 2: Rabat itinerary to Chefchaouen
Day 2: Rabat itinerary to Chefchaouen

In the second day of your 10 days Morocco itinerary, you will visit Rabat and Chefchaouen.

Rabat is the capital of Morocco and it is located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. You will visit The King’s Royal Palace, followed by the Hassan II Tower, Chella Ruins, Mohammed V Mausoleum, and Kasbah Royal Fort.

Later, you head over Chefchaouen, a city located in the heart of the Rif mountains.

If you like taking pictures, you will absolutely love this magic city. The city nicknamed the pearl of Morocco and many Instagrammers claimed that it is one of the most picturesque places they’ve ever seen.

You won’t regret having Chefchaouen in your 10 days Morocco itinerary.

Days 3, 4& 5: visiting Meknes & Fez
Days 3, 4& 5: visiting Meknes & Fez

You leave the beautiful Chefchaouen and you drive towards Fez. Along the way, you will have multiple stops, especially in Meknes and Volubilis.

Just a couple of miles away from Meknes, you will find a thriving city during the Roman empire, Volubilis. This city was founded by the Berber people in the 3rd century BC, and was part of Mauretania when the kingdom joined Rome following the fall of Carthage in 146 BC.

You will stop there and meet your local guide who will tell you a lot of things about the place and its history. Then, you visit Lahdim Square which is the smaller version of Jamaa El Fna of Marrakesh.

Your tour 10 days itinerary includes also the traditional city of Meknes.

In the fourth day of your Morocco itinerary for 10 days, you will discover the amazing city of Fez.

Fez is, without a doubt, the city with the most history. Along with Damascus, Baghdad, Cordoba, and Istanbul, it was one of the main cities of Arab-Muslim civilization. Inevitably, Fez is full of places of interest that can only appeal to lovers of cultural discovery.

The traces of its rich past are still very present: a preserved and authentic medina, many religious monuments, a city still very steeped in traditions, … Many buildings in the medina testify to the past grandeur of the city.

You will enjoy Fez with our local guide for a full day.

Days 6, 7 & 8: Adventure in the Moroccan Desert
Days 6, 7 & 8: Adventure in the Moroccan Desert

Now you travel in time to the lost lands in history. You step back in time and you enjoy the adventure; it will be a real and authentic experience.

Why we take people to the desert? simply to experience primitive life.

Your journey starts from Fez and you head over Merzouga. There will be multiple stops, but the most exciting one is the cedar forest of Azrou where you will have a short break to see the wild monkeys. You size the opportunity to feed them and take pictures. If you have a good camera, then don’t forget to bring it!

Next, you stop to eat a delicious Moroccan Tagine before you leave to the Desert. When you reach the desert, you will find your camels withing for you and another exciting journey is about to start.

You ride camels for one hour and they will take you to nowhere in the desert.

After the dinner is served, you will dance and sing under Berber music. The Berber musicians will entertain you but you share your joy and dance.

Before you finish your desert experience, you will visit other 3 main locations:

Atlas Studio: nicknamed as Hollywood of Africa and used by many worldwide producers. if you have seen Gladiator or Star Wars; then, you have seen some shot from Atlas Studio.
Ait Ben Haddou: This site provided a unique background for many Hollywood movies and series. It is a UNESCO world heritage and used in the Game of Thrones, the Mummy, Babel, and other famous movies.
Ouarzazate: this city, located in the desert, offered the opportunity for shooting exotic and historical movies. This is due to its unique Kasbahs and traditional buildings.
The desert tour ends her, but your Morocco itinerary for 10 days will continue…

Day 9 & 10: Exploring Marrakesh
Day 9 & 10: Exploring Marrakesh

Morocco itinerary for 10 days takes you to Marrakesh to explore this universal city.

Marrakech is a soaring metropolis steeped in history and culture, fabulous and exciting, a mixture of old and new with the charm of an exotic city. The city is amous for its various monuments recognized as world heritage, and its popular square of Jemaa el Fna.

With our local guide, you will discover its hidden places, its unique gardens, and its exotic souks. You will visit Jamaa El Fna Square with its jugglers, musicians, fakirs, snake charmers…. Furthermore, you head over Majorelle garden, you visit Bahia Palace, and you hang out in Guiliz street….

There are countless monuments in Marrakesh and you will absolutely love this charming city.

You spend a full day in Marrakesh before you get ready to leave the country in the next day.

Indeed, this itinerary remains the best and the most popular for travelers to Morocco seeking exotic Morocco.


  • Fuel/parking
  • Hotels and Accommodation with breakfast
  • Local guides
  • Multilingual driver/guide
  • Pick up and drop off from Airport/Hotel/Riad
  • Transportation in comfortable air-conditioned 4×4/minibus vehicle
  • 2 dinners in the desert
  • Entrance tickets to monuments and museums
  • Flight tickets
  • Lunches & dinners unless expressed
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips to guide and driver


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