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A complete and all-encompassing exploration of Morocco’s rich culture, history, and natural beauty is provided by this 11 days tour from Casablanca. The tour starts with a welcome to the largest city in this African country.

You will spend Day 2 touring the picturesque city of this breathtaking land and taking in its top attractions, including the Hassan II Mosque and the Old Medina. Additionally, you will go for a day to Rabat, the Moroccan capital and site of the Royal Palace, as well as Chefchaouen, a charming mountain town commonly referred to as the “Blue City.”

The third day is devoted to touring Chefchaouen, with its breathtaking blue-painted structures and twisting streets. Your adventure through the heart of this amazing country will continue on Day 4 when you stop in at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Volubilis, an old Roman city, and the historic city of Meknes, which is renowned for its magnificent gates and palaces. The day will come to a conclusion at Fes.

On the fifth day, a local guide will take you on a tour of the city’s historic Medina, Bou Inania Madrasa, and its well-known tanneries. Day 7 is devoted to desert exploration, nomad family visits, and enjoying the splendor of the dunes. It will be possible for you to ride a camel into the desert and see the sunset over the sand dunes.

You’ll depart Merzouga on Day 8 and go to the Todra Gorges and Dades Valley, which are renowned for their breathtaking natural beauty and authentic Berber settlements.

Before arriving in Marrakech, spend Day 9 exploring the Dades Valley, touring Ait Benhaddou, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Ouarzazate, a film studio. Explore this red city on Day 10 by going to the Bahia Palace, the Saadian Tombs, and the renowned Jardin Majorelle. You may also sample authentic Moroccan cuisine and take a tour through the busy souks.

The last day will see you bid Morocco farewell and depart for home, taking with you memories of the nation’s rich culture, history, and scenic beauty.


  • Hotels and accommodation
  • - Comfortable air-conditioned 4×4/minibus
  • - Fuel, parking, and all car’s related fees
  • - Personal driver
  • - Pick up and drop off from Airport/Hotel/Riad
  • - Personal local guides
  • - Lux camp in the desert
  • - Camel trekking
  • - Breakfasts
  • - 2 dinners: in the desert and Dades Valley
  • Flight tickets & visa
  • Entrance tickets to monuments and museums
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips to guide and driver


Day 1: Welcome to Casablanca

Your tour guide will meet you when you arrive on this land and transport you to your hotel. Spend some time getting settled before venturing out at your own leisure. The iconic Hassan II Mosque, one of the largest in the world, is located in Casablanca, a lively city with a blend of the ancient and new architecture. The mosque is a wonderful location to watch a sunset because it is perched on a bluff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Day 2: Casablanca, Rabat and Chefchaouen

You will leave for Rabat, which is both the capital and the king's residence of Morocco, after breakfast. Visit the Hassan Tower, the Royal Palace, and the King Mohammed V Mausoleum. These are significant city landmarks that provide a window into Moroccan history and culture. You will proceed to the lovely mountain town of Chefchaouen after touring Rabat. Chefchaouen is a well-liked tourist resort because of its blue-painted buildings and relaxed ambiance. Wander through the narrow lanes to visit the local marketplaces where you can buy Moroccan-style crafts, linens, and trinkets. Before going back to your hotel for the night, you can dine on a traditional Moroccan meal in one of the numerous nearby restaurants in the evening. As you travel to the Moroccan capital and a charming mountain town, the day is packed with history, culture, and natural beauty.

Day 3: Exploring the Blue City Chefchaouen

You will have the entire day to explore Chefchaouen, a quaint mountain village noted for its blue-painted houses and laid-back ambiance, after enjoying a leisurely breakfast. The blue color is supposed to have been introduced by Jewish refugees in the 1930s, and the town is situated in the Rif Mountains. According to legend, the color blue has cooling properties during the sweltering summers and represents the sky and heaven. Explore the neighborhood markets while taking a stroll through the meandering streets. Traditional Moroccan handicrafts, textiles, and mementos are available. The Kasbah and the Grand Mosque are located in the town's central plaza, Plaza Uta el-Hammam. A museum called The Kasbah chronicles the history of the community. The Spanish Mosque is one of Chefchaouen's must-see sights. It is a tiny mosque that Spanish exiles constructed in the 1920s. The mosque provides sweeping views of the city and the nearby Rif Mountains. It's a fantastic spot to see the sunset. Swim leisurely at Ras El Ma's natural pools in the afternoon. The natural pools are close to the town and are a wonderful spot to unwind and cool off. You can take a traditional Moroccan lunch after your swim at one of the many nearby restaurants before going back to your accommodation for the evening. Overall, Chefchaouen provides a singular and tranquil experience outside of the bustle of major cities. The village is a must-visit location on any Moroccan itinerary because of its blue-painted buildings, quaint lanes, and breathtaking mountain views.

Day 4: Chefchaouen, Volubilis, Meknes and Fes

You will depart from Chefchaouen today in order to travel to the Volubilis Roman ruins. These intact ruins, which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, provide a window into the past. Discover the history of the city, its mosaics, public structures, and private residences, by taking a guided tour of the location. You will next proceed to Meknes, a city renowned for its magnificent gates, palaces, and gardens. Visit the Royal Palace of Meknes, a magnificent example of Moroccan architecture, and Bab El Mansour, one of this land's most stunning gates. Finally, you will reach Fes, the country's spiritual and cultural center. You will have the rest of the evening to independently explore the city after checking into your hotel. As you tour ancient Roman remains, an imperial city, and the cultural center, the day is packed with history, culture, and natural beauty. You'll travel through various landscapes and get to see both the country's past and present along the voyage.

Day 5: Exploring Fes with a local guide

It is one of the oldest cities in the nation and the spiritual and cultural center of Morocco. The rich history, culture, and traditions of the city will be explained to you by your local guide as you stroll through the narrow streets of the historic medina. The Bou Inania Madrasa, a 14th-century theological institution that is regarded as one of the best examples of Moroccan architecture, will be your first stop of the day. Visitors are welcome at the madrasa, which provides an insight into the country's conventional educational system. The Dar Batha Museum, housed in a 19th-century palace and provides an insight into Moroccan art and culture, will be your next stop. Moroccan-style furniture, fabrics, and ceramics are all over the museum. The Bahia Palace, a 19th-century palace that is regarded as one of the most exquisite specimens of Moroccan architecture, will be your next stop after the museum. The palace is decorated with elaborate tilework and stucco carvings, as well as other traditional Moroccan elements. You will enjoy the bustle of the city after visiting the palace by taking a stroll around the souks. Traditional Moroccan handicrafts, clothing, and trinkets are available for purchase. Before spending the night at your hotel, you will dine on a traditional Moroccan feast in the evening. Fes' rich history, culture, and traditions can be experienced best by touring the city with a local guide.

Day 6: Fes, Ifrane, Azrou, Merzouga

You will go to the desert village of Merzouga today on the 6th day of this 11 days tour from Casablanca. You will travel by the charming towns of Ifrane and Azrou on the way. Because of its alpine-style architecture and cold environment, Ifrane is referred to as the "Switzerland of Morocco." You can pause here to see the stunning surroundings and pay a visit to the monkeys in the cedar forest. Another picturesque village in the Middle Atlas Mountains is Azrou. You may shop for authentic Moroccan souvenirs, clothing, and crafts in the neighborhood markets. You will reach Merzouga, a settlement in the desert near the Erg Chebbi dunes, after passing through the cities of Ifrane and Azrou. Beautiful desert vistas and traditional Berber culture can be seen in Merzouga. You will have the chance to ride a camel into the desert after you reach Merzouga to see the sunset over the sand dunes. The camel ride is a fascinating and exciting experience, and it's a wonderful way to appreciate the majesty and awe of the desert. You will spend night in a tent in this beautiful desert. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, sleeping in a camp in the Merzouga desert. You will return to the camp for dinner and an overnight stay after spending the day touring the sand dunes and learning about traditional Berber culture. The majority of the campgrounds at Merzouga are traditional Berber tents furnished with minimal facilities and cozy bedding. You can see the sky over the dunes change color as the sun sets and the stars come out at night. You can see a wide variety of stars and constellations since the desert sky is so clean. After dinner, you can take in a traditional musical performance by the campfire while taking in the peace and quiet of the desert.

Day 7: Exploring the dunes, nomad families, and the treasures of the desert

Today will be spent exploring the Erg Chebbi desert's dunes, meeting nomad households to learn about their way of life, and finding the desert's undiscovered gems. You will begin the day by paying a nomad family a visit in their camp in the desert. The nomads have been residing in the desert for many years and are an essential aspect of desert culture. You will have the chance to discover more about their culture, way of life, and traditions. You will discover more about their nomadic way of life and how they cope with the challenging desert environment. After that, you'll embark on a 4x4 journey to uncover the desert's best-kept secrets, like the mineral mines of Mifiss and the nomadic community of Khamlia, which is famous for its Gnawa music. An undiscovered beauty in the desert is the nomadic community of Khamlia. The sub-Saharan African music with its distinctive rhythms and melodies, known as Gnawa, has its origins in the village. You will continue on to the Mifiss mining mines after viewing the settlement. You will have the chance to learn about the mining process and witness the minerals that are recovered from the mines, which are a significant source of income for the local population. Spend the night in a hotel at Merzouga.

Day 8: Merzouga, Todra Gorges, and Dades Valley

On the 8th day of this 11 days tour from Casablanca, you will leave Merzouga. On the route, near the settlement of Tinghir, there is a magnificent natural wonder called the Todra Gorges. The Todra River carved out the gorges, which are a well-liked location for trekking and rock climbing. The stunning views of the surroundings are provided by the imposing cliffs. The Atlas Mountains' Dades Valley, sometimes called the "Valley of a Thousand Kasbahs," is well-known for its traditional mud-brick houses and kasbahs. Visitors can enjoy a beautiful drive across the valley, stopping along the way to view the kasbahs and visit other Berber settlements. You will have the chance to see how the oasis of the Dades Valley and the Todra Gorges contrast with the parched desert on this day.

Day 9: Dades Valley, Ouarzazate and Marrakech

Your 9th day of this 11 days tour from Casablanca will begin with a trip to the Dades Valley, where you may enjoy a gorgeous drive through the region and discover the customary mud-brick residences and kasbahs. To discover more about the culture and way of life of indigenous people, you can also visit nearby Berber communities. The "Gateway to the Desert" city of Ouarzazate is where you'll go next. The film studio in Ouarzazate is renowned for having produced a number of well-known films, including The Mummy, Babel, and Gladiator. You can go to the studio to find out more about Moroccan cinematic history. You will eventually reach Marrakech, which is also known as Red city. This city is renowned for its bustling marketplaces, magnificent castles, and breathtaking gardens. A visit to this red city is a must for anybody visiting Morocco. You can spend your evening exploring the medina's narrow lanes, picking up trinkets, and learning about the native way of life.

Day 10: Exploring Marrakech

Your itinerary's day 10 is devoted to taking a tour of this dynamic city. You can start the day by going to the Bahia Palace, a mansion built in the 19th century for a wealthy Moroccan prince. The palace is a wonderful illustration of conventional Moroccan architecture and boasts elaborate tilework, sculpted plaster, and lovely gardens. The Koutoubia Mosque, this city's biggest mosque and one of the most recognizable attractions, is the next place you can go. Non-Muslims cannot enter the mosque, but you can view the building's design and minaret from the outside. The Saadian Tombs, a collection of 16th-century tombs that were found in 1917, are where you can go next. The Saadian dynasty, which controlled Morocco in the late 16th century, is represented through the tombs that house their remains. You may wander around the crowded souks (markets) medina in the afternoon. The souks are a labyrinth of little lanes filled with stores offering a wide range of goods, including spices, textiles, pottery, and jewelry. This is a fantastic location to do souvenir shopping and take in the culture. Finally, you can unwind by enjoying a leisurely stroll through the Jardin Majorelle, a stunning park created in the 1920s by French artist Jacques Majorelle. A tiny pond, a variety of flora, and a typical Berber home may all be found in the garden. Overall, Day 10 will give you the chance to fully see the city's rich culture and history, from its ancient palaces to its busy souks. Additionally, you will get to see the various aspects of the city, from the tranquil gardens to the bustling marketplaces.

Day 11: Home Sweet Home

Your departure day is Day 11 of your schedule, and it starts with a flight out of Marrakech. The airport has excellent connections to important locations all over the world and provides a range of comforts and services. Before boarding your aircraft, you must check in and go through security. As this is the last day of your trip to Morocco, it would be a good idea to think back on all you have seen and done so far. Consider the things you would like to do differently or explore more of on your subsequent visit. Overall, Day 11 will be a day of conflicting emotions as you bid farewell to a nation that has provided you with a wealth of cultural and natural experiences. On the other hand, it will also mark the beginning of a new chapter as you return home with lifelong memories.


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