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In this 10 Days Uganda Safari you will discover what Uganda has to offer!

Uganda is a landlocked country located in the East African region. The country is gifted with a variety of tourist attractions ranging from natural features such as mountains, lakes and waterfalls to man-made features such as national parks, game reserves, and museums.

Uganda is one of the most biodiverse countries in Africa, and a 10 day safari will allow you to explore some of the best national parks the country has to offer like Murchison Falls National Park which is home to huge herds of elephants and lions, as well as the eponymous falls – one of the most spectacular natural sights in Uganda.

Kibale National Park is renowned for its chimpanzees, but also has a remarkable diversity of other primates, including red colobus monkeys and L’Hoest’s gorillas. Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the best places in Africa to see tree-climbing lions, as well as leopards, buffalo, and a huge variety of birdlife.

Kazinga Canal linking Lakes Edward and George is one of the best places in Uganda to see hippos, while Ishasha in Queen Elizabeth National Park is the place to go to spot tree-climbing lions. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is home to some of the last remaining mountain gorillas in the world, as well as chimpanzees, forest elephants, and a variety of other primates. Indeed, A 10 day Uganda safari is the perfect way to experience the best of what this country has to offer.


  • Specialized bilingual guide
  • Private Transport
  • Entrance fees (Cable and car and Moon Valley)
  • Box lunch water, banana apple and chocolate
  • Additional Services
  • Insurance
  • Drink
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 <span> Day 1 </span> Exploring Kampala

You will arrive at the Entebbe International Airport and will be transferred to your hotel at Kampala. You will have lunch and some rest. Then you will head out to explore Kampala, the Capital of Uganda. Kampala is known for its many tourist attractions, including the Kasubi Tombs, the Ugandan Museum, the Mbari Cultural Centre, and the Lubiri Palace. Kampala is also home to a number of universities, including Makerere University, Uganda Christian University, and Islamic University. The city is home to several museums, including the Uganda Museum, which has an extensive collection of Ugandan art and artefacts. The Kampala City Museum is another good option, with exhibits on the city's history and culture. If you're looking for something more hands-on, the Kampala Heritage Site offers a variety of activities, including traditional dance and music performances, as well as workshops on making traditional Ugandan crafts. Kampala is also a great place to shop for souvenirs and gifts. The city's many markets offer a wide range of goods, from handmade handicrafts to locally produced food. You can also find a number of international stores and malls there. Dinner and overnight stay at the same hotel.

<span> Day 2 </span> Kampala to Murchison Falls National Park via Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

After breakfast, your journey towards Murchison Falls will begin. It really is a scenic ride. Along the way, we will make a stop at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is home to the last remaining wild rhinos in Uganda. The sanctuary was established in 2005 in an effort to repopulate the country with this endangered species. Today, there are over 20 rhinos living in the sanctuary. You can take part in a number of activities, including guided walks and game drives. The walks offer a close-up encounter with the rhinos, while the game drives allow you to see the animals in their natural habitat. There is also a Rhino Education Centre on site, which provides information on the ecology and conservation of rhinos. Then we will continue towards Murchison Falls National Park arriving in the evening. It is one of Uganda's most popular tourist attractions and the park is home to a number of wildlife including lions, elephants, and giraffes. You can drive straight up to the top of the falls and enjoy the beautiful view from up there. It really is a sight to behold. Later, you will check in your lodge and have dinner

<span> Day 3 </span>Day 3: Murchison Falls National Park (Game drives and Boat Cruise)

Murchison Falls is one of Uganda's top tourist destinations. The falls are situated between Lake Victoria and Lake Albert and offer a spectacular view of the Victoria Nile. The Falls are located in Murchison Falls National Park, which is home to a variety of wildlife including lions, elephants, and hippos. The park is located in the northwest of the country, on the shores of Lake Albert, near the town of Masindi. The park was established in 1952 and covers an area of 3,893 square kilometres (1,502 square miles). It is Uganda's largest national park and is home to a variety of wildlife, including lions, leopards, elephants, giraffes, and hippos. After breakfast, you will hike to the top of the falls, where you can see the Nile River plunging 45 meters (148 feet) over the edge. Its a spectacular view from the top. Later you can attend the game drives at the park. Over 400 different types of birds have been recorded there, including the shoebill stork, which is a rare sight. In the evening, you will head for a boat cruise on Victoria Nile River. It is a river that flows northwards through Uganda and Sudan to Egypt. It is one of the White Nile's two major tributaries. The other is the Blue Nile. At 6,853 kilometres (4,258 mi) in length, it is the longest river originating in Africa. It is also the world's 15th longest river. The Victoria Nile is longer than the Blue Nile, but shorter than the White Nile. The Victoria Nile is a popular destination for boat rides. The river has many rapids, making it an exciting ride. There are also many scenic spots along the way to enjoy. If you are looking for an adrenaline-pumping experience, or just want to enjoy the beautiful scenery, a boat ride on the Victoria Nile is a great option. Later on, Dinner and overnight stay at the same lodge.

<span> Day 4 </span>Murchison Falls to Kibale National Park

Kibale National Park is a tropical forest located in Southwestern Uganda. It's one of the last remaining forests where chimpanzees still live in the wild. The park is home to other primates such as red colobus monkeys, vervet monkeys, and olive baboons. Kibale National Park is also a great place for bird watching with over 375 species of birds. The best time to see chimpanzees is from June to October when they are most active After breakfast, you will head towards Kibale National Park. You will have lunch along the way. You will arrive there late in the evening and check into your lodge. Dinner and overnight stay at the lodge. Be sure to take some good rest as you have a hectic day ahead.

<span> Day 5 </span>Kibale National Park (Chimpanzees Tracking)

Kibale National Park is a national park in Uganda. It was established in 1932 and covers 766 square kilometers (297 sq mi). The park is located within the Kibale Forest, which is part of the larger Albertine Rift montane forests ecoregion. The park is home to a diversity of primates, including chimpanzees, red colobus monkeys, and L'Hoest's monkeys. Other mammals include forest elephants, African buffalo, and leopards. After breakfast, you will be briefed about the activity of Chimpanzees tracking. You will be led by a guide who will lead you to the Habitat of Chimpanzees. It really is a rewarding experience once you find the chimps. You can spend some time with them. Later on, you can participate in the game drives which are offered in the park. They provide an opportunity to see some of the other wildlife. The park also offers other activities such as bird watching, hiking, and nature walks. You can also learn about the local culture and history at the Kibale Cultural Centre. Dinner and overnight stay at the lodge.

<span> Day 6 </span> Kibale Park to Queen Elizabeth National Park

After having breakfast, you will set on your journey towards Queen Elizabeth National Park. You will have lunch along the way. It will be a journey where you will enjoy a lot of beautiful landscapes that Uganda has to offer. The drive will be a wonder discovery in the heart of mother nature. Arriving at the park late in the evening, you will check in your lodge and have dinner there.

<span> Day 7 </span> Queen Elizabeth National Park (Game Drives and Boat Cruise on Kazinga Canal)

Queen Elizabeth National Park is a world-renowned tourist destination for its abundant wildlife and stunning scenery. The park offers a variety of activities for tourists, including game drives, safaris, and nature walks. You can also enjoy bird watching, canoeing, and fishing. Queen Elizabeth National Park is an ideal place to see lions, elephants, and other African wildlife. The park is also home to the Rwenzori Mountains, which are the tallest mountains in Africa. The Park is a must-visit for anyone interested in African wildlife and landscapes. After having breakfast, you will proceed for a game drive at the park. One of the best ways to see the wildlife is on a game drive where you'll have the chance to see lions, elephants, leopards, and many other animals in their natural habitat. There are several different game drives that you can take part in, each with its own unique benefits. You'll have the chance to see animals hunting and eating, as well as mothers caring for their young. The morning game drive is a great way to get up close and personal with the wildlife of Queen Elizabeth National Park. After lunch, you will be taken to the Kyambura Gorge. It is a stunning natural feature located in Uganda's Queen Elizabeth National Park. The gorge is home to a variety of wildlife, including chimpanzees, which can often be seen swinging through the trees or playing along the riverbanks Here, you can take part in a number of activities, including chimpanzee tracking, bird watching, and hiking. The gorge is also a popular spot for picnicking and enjoying the stunning views. At evening, you will a boat ride on Kazinga Canal. Its one of the best ways to see wildlife in Uganda. The channel connects Lake Edward and Lake George and is full of hippos, elephants, buffalos, and other animals coming to drink or bathe. You might even see a crocodile or two! A boat cruise on Kazinga Channel is a great way to see some of Uganda's amazing wildlife up close and personal. It's an experience you won't soon forget! Dinner and overnight stay at the same lodges.

<span> Day 8 </span> Queen Elizabeth Park to Bwindi National Forest via Ishasha Sector

After having breakfast in the morning, you will head towards Bwindi Impenetrable National Forest. This is a long and tiring journey. Along the way, we will make a stop at the Ishasha sector. It is home to a variety of wildlife, including lions, leopards, elephants, buffalo and hippos. The area is also known for its abundant birdlife. Ishasha is famous for its tree-climbing lions. You might get lucky to spot these lions looking for their preys. You will have lunch along the way and arrive at the Bwindi Forest late in the evening. You will check in your lodge and have dinner.

<span> Day 9 </span> Bwindi National Forest (Gorilla Tracking) and Lake Bunyonyi

Bwindi National Forest is a national forest in Uganda. It is located in the southwest of the country, on the edge of the Rift Valley. The forest covers an area of 321 square kilometers and is home to a variety of wildlife, including chimpanzees, gorillas, and elephants. The forest was established as a national park in 1992 and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. The Park is managed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority. It is a popular tourist destination and one of the few places in the world where you can see gorillas in their natural habitat. The park is also home to a variety of other animals, including chimpanzees, leopards, and monkeys. There are over 1,000 species of birds in the forest. After breakfast, you will be briefed about the activity of Gorilla Tracking. You will be led by a UWA guide. Gorillas live at different locations in the forest. Your guide will lead you there. Its a tough activity. You might need to hike and make your way through the forest. Once you find the gorillas, you can spend some time with them. You will be amazed by the percentage of striking similarities you have with the Gorillas. The concept of evolution becomes true. This activity is lengthy and can take almost 6 to 8 hours. You will have packed lunch at the forest. Later on we continue our journey towards Lake Bunyonyi arriving there late in the evening. Dinner and overnight stay at the lodges.

<span> Day 10 </span> Lake Bunyonyi to Entebbe

Lake Bunyonyi is a freshwater lake in southwestern Uganda. It's about 25 miles long and 7 miles wide, and sits at an elevation of more than 2,000 feet. The lake is surrounded by hills covered in rainforest, and is home to 29 islands, most of which are uninhabited. Lake Bunyonyi is also home to a number of animal species including hippos, crocodiles, and otters. It's an important stopover for migrating birds, and over 200 species have been recorded. The lake is a popular destination for tourists, and is known for its clear waters and scenic views. There are several lodges and resorts around the lake, and many activities can be enjoyed including swimming, canoeing, bird watching, and hiking. After breakfast, you can enjoy all these activities. However, after lunch, you will leave for Entebbe International Airport.


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Your tour will conclude in San Francisco on Day 8 of the trip. There are no activities planned for this day so you're free to depart at any time. We highly recommend booking post-accommodation to give yourself time to fully experience the wonders of this iconic city!

Day 1 of this tour is an arrivals day, which gives you a chance to settle into your hotel and explore Los Angeles. The only planned activity for this day is an evening welcome meeting at 7pm, where you can get to know your guides and fellow travellers. Please be aware that the meeting point is subject to change until your final documents are released.

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Another exciting adventure with Exodus

Another exciting adventure with this tour company.Our trip was at the end of April/beginning of May and it was very hot !!!! I'm told June/July is even hotter. Phew !!!!Despite this I loved every minute of it.It was a very busy trip but extremely well organised. I very much liked the additional drink stops as it was so very hot. Home made chilled lime was just the thing. I also very much liked Lam pre-booking the meals and us all going together. He found some wonderful places and we had delicious fresh food. There just isn't time to find somewhere yourself. This really worked well.We were lucky to be with a super group of people. Everyone happy and smiling and enjoying every moment..................well................except a few of the group who did get a bit sore. Please do get yourself some chamois butter and padded pants. It works a treat.It worked well having all the cycling in the beginning. The train was much better than I had expected and I slept like a log !!! Whale Island and Halong Bay were real treats and I would have loved more time there. But, overall, the trip was perfect for timing as it kept us within the 15 day Visa limit and we saw and did so much.Despite being informed in writing by the tour operator that our big holdalls/suitcase stays with us all the time......this was not the case. You do need to have a rucksack or flat pack bag big enough for the one and two night stays (Whale Island and Halong Bay). In fact......it works very well to just take small luggage. Much easier to do once you get your head around it.I found the cycling easy compared with other trips I've done but I do feel it is right to be called a Level 3. Everyone cycles slightly differently and there is always a bit of a mix of abilities........which makes for a good group cycle I think.
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Excellent, probably the best yet.

This was an amazing trip. Totally fell in love with Vietnam, We did so much in such in two weeks. The cycling, somehow. only felt like a small part of the experience as there were so many other things that we did. Each day was full on, exceptionally well organised, great food, etc Been on a few cycle trips, and I think this was the best one so far.

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